What’s in store for web development in 2018?

Development at Bitlab is what we’re passionate for, its as simple as that.

We offer bespoke solutions for your web design needs, and due to the unpredictable nature of web development, this means that we’re constantly learning new skills and looking ahead at upcoming trends. There’s nothing like the end of the year to get our team talking and making predictions about what the upcoming year will hold. Here are some exciting development trends to watch out for in 2018.

Single Page Websites 

Yes, that’s right, a website that is on a single page. That’s not development, that’s going backwards, isn’t it?

That doesn’t mean that all of the information that you’d put on a typical website is squeezed onto one page, the appeal of a single page site is its simplicity and ease of use. In 2018, single page sites are set to be very popular. In a world of over-stimulation, a simple single page site can be refreshing; customers don’t have to navigate through several, complicated pages or scan through lots of text to find what they’re looking for. While a single page site isn’t suitable for all businesses (e-commerce sites, blogs etc.), it is a great way for smaller companies or individuals to display their services of projects without the user becoming distracted or frustrated with a larger site. What’s more is, a single page site is great for mobile devices, a major factor in the successful organic ranking of your site.

Push Notifications

Push notifications have played a massive part in customer engagement on mobile devices and applications and websites are now starting to follow suit. Some big businesses have started to use push notifications on their websites to help users stay in touch with every update. Consider how much more traffic you would generate if all of your users are updated when you publish a new blog or post a new deal. Push notifications are like emails on steroids, rather than handing over their information all the user has to do is agree to push notifications, and they’re ready to go. They have already been adopted by various news and magazine websites and is set to be a big trend for 2018 and beyond.

Multilingual Websites 

If you’re trying to target users globally, then you need to accept that a site available in only English is going to limit your customer base. While English is one of the most common languages across the globe, there are a few other major languages that you’d be foolish to forget about. Embracing multilingual capabilities on your website means that you’re not alienating potential customers because of a language barrier.

Improved Customer Support

The rise of artificial intelligence has allowed companies to interact with customers without the need for verbal communication. The development of chatbots (everyone remembers the Facebook bots that invented their own language, right?) means that businesses will be able to interact with customers almost immediately. Customers are more impatient than ever; they are no longer happy waiting 20 minutes on the phone on hold, in fact, if they don’t get a response from a representative via social media within only a few minutes they can become very frustrated. Chatbots will help to improve your customer support offering and in turn, your customer experience.

At Bitlab, we take the time to understand your business, your customers and your goals so that we can help you to build a site that helps your company in the current market and will expand with you. In a competitive world, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve, speak with our team about preparing your website for 2018. Contact us on 0330 041 4564, use our contact form or email info@bitlab.co.uk.

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