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Is your About Us page making an impact? | Bitlab

Is your About Us page making an impact?

by Esther Tyreman / Website Design

If you take a deeper look into your customer behaviour, you will find that a lot of visitors are taking the time to look at your About Us page. This is because it adds a level of trust, your visitors get to know more about the business and why it will benefit them. If your website’s About Us page is dull, uninspired or even worse you don’t have one then your visitors will think that you’re hiding something and may not do business with you. Even in the online marketplace, people want to know who they’re dealing with.

That being said, a weak generic paragraph about who you are and where you came from will not have any positive impact on converting and retaining customers. This is your chance to make a genuine connection with potential customers so don’t waste it.

Unfortunately for some companies out there, when we’re online, we judge a book by its cover. Customers will judge your website on its aesthetics, at least initially. A poorly designed site will not encourage a customer to stay and browse or make an enquiry. Your About Us page needs to encourage user engagement and is the best place to include a bit of personality. Images, videos and even infographics are a great way to interact with visitors but don’t get carried away; make sure any media that you use is relevant and adds to the customer experience.

Video can be used to give a “behind the scenes” look at your company which gives the viewer a deeper understanding of how you work and the company atmosphere. You could even do a fun interview-style video with members of staff. Rather than using big blogs of text, is it possible to get your point across visually?

Most companies get caught up talking about their business, their products and self-promotion, but an About Us page is your chance to connect with your customers on a real level. Try to think like your customer, why would they visit your website and how does your product/service benefit them? You may have designed your product because you encountered a problem that no other product could solve or you’re a student and are disappointed with furniture options for students, whatever it is, then explain the motivation behind your business. Always use the first person on your About Us page, it makes it easier to connect with your audience.

A company’s values have never been more prevalent. People don’t want to work with an unethical business with questionable values. If your company does anything to appeal to your customers’ beliefs, then shout about it on your About Us page. The same can be said for your mission. Make it clear what you are trying to achieve, do you want to be the best photographer or create the hottest chilli sauce? Whatever it is, then communicate that your visitors.

At Bitlab, we speak to many customers that are struggling with customer conversions and retention and the first thing that we advise is to begin building their brand values. Show off your company and your team; your unique personality can be what sets you apart from your competition. However, it’s easy to brag about how great you are, but if you can’t back it up, then it’s a lot less effective. Encourage previous and current customers to leave reviews and testimonials and share these on your About Us page.

Website design can be difficult, and it’s easy to make mistakes and actually deter customers. If you want to find out how to create an engaging website contact Bitlab on 0330 041 4564, use our contact form or email info@bitlab.co.uk.

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