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SEO still applies, even if you’re a small business | Bitlab

SEO still applies, even if you’re a small business

by Esther Tyreman / SEO / Website Design

No matter what size your business is, you still need to ensure that your website is optimised to provide the best experience for your clients. Optimising your website for SEO generates valuable traffic and this leads to revenue (as long as you can convert them). There are some simple ways to ensure that you website is attracting customers.

The URL’s

The URL that you choose for your content should reflect what it contains. This makes it easier for the client to know they are on the right track. It also makes it easier for search engines to crawl and rank the content for the appropriate keywords.

The Keywords

Consider your users intent, are they looking for hints and tips, ideas or answer to questions? Keywords are great but it is more important to think of common phrases that your clients may search for. Your headlines should be attention grabbing, it should be something that a majority of people want to read, but it should include your keywords too, so make it catchy.

Include visuals

Anything that you can do to make your content appealing is worthwhile. Infographics are a great way to make your content easier to digest and easier to share. A lot of people won’t read huge blocks of text so try and split it up with images to give your clients eyes a rest. Sub-headings are also a great way to space out the text, they can also give the reader an idea of what that section contains, making the content easier to scan through and gain the information that they are looking for.

Internal links

Begin with your website’s navigation. Ensure that it is simple to use, this tells search engines that your site provides a good customer experience while your clients are more likely to stay on your site if it is easy to navigate.

Linking from less successful pages to more popular pages means your rankings will improve which should generate more traffic. Consider your customer journey, how will customers travel through your sales funnel? Once you have understood this, design your sites navigation and links to assist them to the point of purchase.

Encourage social sharing

The main aim of your content is to increase (And hopefully convert) traffic. Make it easy for people to share your content and add social buttons to the top or bottom of every page.

Mobile Friendly and Responsive

Designing your site to be responsive and mobile friendly is a key factor for ranking well this year. A lot of clients will visit your site on a mobile device, if your website isn’t up to scratch then your clients will not return to you at a later date.

Ensuring your website is optimised and user friendly is vital, it is something that you will have to review regularly too. Clients will remember a well-designed website that helps them to make a purchase, similarly they will remember a difficult to navigate, poorly constructed website. If you want to ensure that your site is developed to suit your customers, contact Bitlab. We can ensure your site is easy to use, simple and effective. Contact us on 0191 4350 030, use our contact form or email info@bitlab.co.uk.

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