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The beginning of a new year brings the opportunity to reflect on the previous year, areas you excelled and areas where your business can improve. This applies to every aspect of your business, including your website. Your site will be the main point of interaction for the majority of your customers so make sure that you regularly update and maintain your website in 2018 to achieve your new goals. Here are some simple ways to improve your website and its performance.

Understand Behaviour

Taking the time to evaluate your website’s data and analytics can help you to understand your customers and their behaviour. If you can see which platform most of your traffic is coming from, for example, Facebook, Organic Search or Twitter, then this can help to inform your marketing decisions. As well as understanding your traffic, you can see how your content is performing. You may have a piece that is generating a lot of traffic, or there may be a piece that isn’t performing as you’d expect so you can re-purpose this to engage more visitors. Content should be updated regularly, in line with your changing goals.

User Experience

You probably think that you have a good idea of how visitors interact and engage with your site. You took the time to create your site with users in mind, so why wouldn’t they have a good experience when they are browsing? Well, the truth is, your website may not be performing as you may expect. They may be struggling to find the search option or checkout button; there may be too many irrelevant pictures or too much content to search through. Understand how your users are interacting and engaging with your website and make improvements to avoid losing customers.


First impressions count, for many your website homepage will be the first experience that visitors have with your website. Your homepage should accomplish several main goals; detail why the customer should choose you over a competitor, show that you are professional and make it easy for people to get in touch with you. Your homepage should be clear, concise and well-designed or customers will get confused and leave your site without making a purchase.

Call to Action

The whole point of having a website, other than to interact with customers, is to generate leads or sales. Every page on your website should be there for a reason and should be designed with a clear goal in mind. It all comes down to analytics, evaluate your website data to see if every page is performing as you want. If it’s not, then experiment with the CTA. A/B testing is an efficient way of finding the best solution, try different colours, different wording and even different positions on the page to find out what works for your customers.

Seamless Checkout

If a customer has taken the time to search your site, find the products that they’re interested in then head to the checkout page then it needs to be a seamless process, the smallest issue can be enough to put a customer off. From adding hidden costs on at the checkout stage, forcing the user to create an account before they can checkout to a lengthy checkout process, there are many mistakes that you can make.

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