No “Thank You” page? You’re missing an opportunity!

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A visitor that has taken some form of action on your site is more likely to take a further action. Many websites don’t send visitors to a separate thank you page once they have completed an action. Instead, they choose to show a small thank you message. If you are not using a separate page, then you are missing a real opportunity to boost your conversions.

Every visitor will complete different actions on your site. Some will fill in a contact form, others will subscribe to your newsletter, and some will purchase a product. Each thank you page should respond to each action and let the visitor know what will happen next. Tell leads when you’ll be in touch, tell customers who’ve made a purchase what will happen next and what to do if they’re not satisfied and tell subscribers when they’ll get an email and offer some sneaky insights into what they can expect.

Encourage visitors to follow you on social media but don’t just include links, tell visitors what they’ll gain by following your accounts. Whether it’s access to exclusive hints or tips, offers/discounts or latest company news, show your customers that they’ll be missing out if they don’t sign-up. The same techniques should apply when encouraging visitors to sign-up for your newsletter. Relevant, high-quality email addresses are the holy grail of email marketing lists.

One of the more common e-commerce tricks is asking customers to create an account. Asking a visitor to create an account before making a purchase can be enough to put them off altogether. Encourage them to make an account after purchase, letting them know that they’ll be able to visit past orders, track current orders, receive tips and exclusive offers or checkout faster in the future.

Link to other content on your site. If they’ve submitted a contact form, then they may be interested in a blog about one of your services or tips on getting the most from a product that you sell. Concentrate on adding value to your customers’ experience, if appropriate you could offer a free trial of a new service that you offer or a free download.

At Bitlab, we know what it takes to design an effective website. Customers are a vital part of your business’s success, and your website should be designed to encourage repeat custom and a dedicated thank you page is an important part of the customer journey. If you’re looking to design a website that provides a better customer experience, then get in touch with Bitlab on 0330 041 4564, use our contact form or email

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