Your landing page is a huge influencer on conversions

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There are so many reasons that visitors don’t convert, from slow page speed or poor navigation to a lengthy checkout process. However, if your landing page is confusing, crowded or ineffective, then your conversions will significantly drop. With some time, a good understanding of your target audience and a web designer, you can rectify some of the most common mistakes made on landing pages. It doesn’t matter if you’ve opted for email marketing, social media marketing or PPC, the landing page for your adverts will determine how successful your campaign will be.

When it comes to success with marketing, content writing or any type of engagement, a catchy headline is the best place to start. A lengthy, dull headline will not entice a customer to read what you have to say or click on a link; this is the same for your landing page. The headline that you choose for your landing page should mirror the headline you have used in your marketing, that’s how your visitor will know that they’ve come to the right place. Imagine you have sent out an email for “20% off sale products”, they click on the link but are taken to a page for brand new stock and no sale in sight. It is confusing and frustrating, and the majority of customers won’t hang around to find the right page. Your ad campaign and your landing page should work together to intrigue and excite potential customers.

When you are trying to convert customers, there is usually a certain amount of form-filling to be done, depending on your goal. In general, the less information you are asking for, the lower quality lead you will get however you will generate a higher number of leads. Conversely, the more information you ask for, the higher quality the lead is although you will produce a smaller number. As with any form, you should keep it as short as possible, only ask necessary questions and if you must have a form that goes over one page then include a progress bar so the customer can see how long they have left.

As with every page on your website, the design of your landing page is crucial. Each page needs to be designed slightly differently depending on what you are trying to say or what you want your audience to do. A landing page has one goal (download a resource, sign up to a newsletter etc.) it’s important that visitors don’t get distracted so your design should be simple, minimal and easy to follow and align with the ad campaign you are running. For example, if your campaign on social media is using reds and oranges and the customer clicks through to your landing page and sees greens and blues, they will be confused and concerned that they are on the wrong page.

Design and easy navigation will only get you so far; you need to expand on your advert. You will most likely use an enticing headline and tagline on your advert, but your landing page is your chance to give more information and attempt to persuade your customers to complete your goal. You should remove distractions from your landing page, keep it clear from videos, outside links or social shares. This will keep your audience focused and minimise the risk of them clicking away from the page. Any images you use should be relevant to your brand and ad campaign, if you’re targeting the over 50’s, then it would be silly to use pictures of children.

At Bitlab, we know how important it is to create an intriguing and exciting landing page to convert your customers. We take the time to understand your business and your audience so that we can create pages that are optimised for your customers. To find out how we can help you, contact us on 0330 041 4564, use our contact form or email

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