How To: Improve Email Subscriptions

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Ever been on a website and been asked to sign up for their newsletter? Chances are, you have. Email marketing can be a great way to generate both new and returning custom but only when you know that you have a solid subscription list to send your email to. To build a loyal, relevant subscription list, your website should encourage users to sign-up. It may seem like an impossible task, but with some slight website design changes, it is possible to improve the number of email subscriptions that you receive.

Make a Statement

One thing is certain; visitors will not subscribe if they cannot see the form. Consider putting the form in more than one place on your website; usually, the top and the bottom of the page would be enough but using a “sticky” window on the side of your page means that visitors won’t be able to avoid seeing it. Another option that many sites choose is to use a pop-up window to try to encourage visitors to sign-up, this may be seen as more aggressive and can put visitors off, so A/B testing the most appropriate designs means that you will choose the most suitable option for you. Another simple way to stand out is by using colour. Put your email sign-up form or box in different colours to your websites’ colour scheme; this will mean that it is more likely to get noticed. Again, different colours will yield different results so test your options before making a decision.

What Can They Expect? 

Visitors won’t click that all important “Subscribe” button unless they know what they are signing up for. Tell them how often emails will be sent, be it weekly, monthly or quarterly. Will they get access to exclusive news, tips or advice, offers or discounts? Whatever you’re giving them, make it clear what your newsletter will involve. Look at it from your customers point of view, they will only sign-up if there is something in it for them, communicate the benefits of subscribing and you’ll see a marked improvement.

Prove It

Would you sign-up to receive emails from an unknown author with no endorsements? Probably not. Provide testimonials and reviews to show how your newsletter has helped other customers. If you can, use a number counter to show how many subscribers you have, this can be enough to persuade others to sign-up too. If 1000 people have signed up, then it must be good, right?

Use your Blog

Blogs generate a lot of traffic who trust you and your brand. This traffic is looking for advice or solutions; this is the best time to ask people to sign up. If you have provided value to a reader, they are more inclined to want more and sign-up. Alternatively, you can provide limited access to a blog post and then ask the reader to sign-up to read on or even sign-up to download a resource. This means that your subscribers will be relevant and have a genuine interest in your product/service.

Promote on Social Media 

Your social media following is already interested in what you have to say. They have taken the time to search for and follow your page; they are the easiest customers to encourage to sign-up. Post about the benefits of your newsletter with a link or button for them to sign-up. Any information that you post can be shared hundreds of times, putting it in front of thousands of potential new customers. You can use contests or giveaways to encourage sign-ups, and this can be most effective on social media. Everybody loves something for free, consider giving away a free trial, free product or even 10% off. To enter, the visitor should have to sign-up to your newsletter, and you can even ask them to share the competition on their own social media.

In today’s digital world, it is becoming more and more difficult to compete, gaining new customers can be difficult and an email subscription list can be priceless. At Bitlab, we know that the design of your website is crucial for improving customer experience. To find out how we can optimise your site to increase traffic and boost email subscriptions contact our team on 0330 041 4564, use our contact form or email

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