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The majority of businesses use WordPress to build their website. It’s easy to use and simple to follow, they offer plug-in applications for nearly every function that you may need, but like most things, a WordPress site can become cluttered and disorganised. Tidying up the back end of your website is not just for organisation; it can speed up your site, remove security weaknesses and even free up some storage space. At Bitlab we wanted to share some tips for tidying up your site.

Remove unwanted plug-ins and themes

Deactivated plug-ins may seem harmless, however not only do they take up valuable storage but if they are not kept up-to-date they can pose a security risk. Any vulnerable security holes will be exploited, even if the plug-in is not in use. The same is true of unused themes; you only need to hold on to the theme you are using so ditch that old-fashioned, unused theme and free up some space.

Downsize your media library

Every website needs images and if you are running an e-commerce site then you will definitely have a lot of images. What you may not know is that when you upload a single image to your WordPress site, at least 3 different versions are created. Enabling you to have different sizes to use and while this is useful to the design of your site it can use up a huge amount of storage so regularly delete images from your media library.

Delete post revisions

Of course, you update your site regularly and that’s great, but what you might not be aware of is that every time you press that “save draft” button, a new version is saved to your WordPress database, as you can imagine, this takes up a whole lot of space. Take the time to search all pages and posts and remove any unnecessary duplicates.

Remove spam comments

We’ve all seen them, the spam comments on our pages and posts, cluttering up our site and deterring our visitors. Unfortunately the in-built comments system is a huge attraction for spam. Free up your database by deleting these spam comments, just be sure not to delete the genuine ones.

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