Google Analytics – does it deserve the buzz?

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If you do anything online, a blog, website, app or an online shop chances are you are using Google Analytics to gain an insight into your audience’s behaviour and your websites performance. Google Analytics can give you answers to many of the most important questions that you have about the performance of your site and can help you plan for future campaigns, best of all it’s free; unfortunately, as with most things, Google Analytics has its drawbacks and the team at Bitlab wanted to share some tips to get the most from your analytics.

What are your customers doing?

Metrics like traffic, clicks and downloads can be easily monitored and a great way to analyse your successes. It provides answers to the “what’s” like bounce rates and conversions but doesn’t extend to the “why’s” and these can sometimes be more revealing.

Understanding why people visit your site, why they spend a lot of time on a certain page or why they exit when they get to the checkout can be considerably more valuable to your business. Other services are available that can help you to gain more qualitative data. They work by asking your visitors particular questions at specific points during their journey. The information that you collect has come directly from your customers so can help you to alter you site and business to provide a better customer experience.

Blowing hot and cold

Heat maps are a great way to analyse the design of your site. Gain information into where your visitors are looking, reading and where they scroll and stop scrolling. This gives you the opportunity to improve dead zones and re-invent content that is being ignored. The use of heat map means that you can optimise your websites design to improve the chances of conversion.

The customer journey

When developing your website and your business, you will have put some consideration into the customer journey. Some services are available that can track your visitors journey in its entirety, allowing you to see what your customers are doing and the issues that they encounter. What better way to improve your customers experience by experiencing it for yourself?

Google Analytics tells you how your visitors arrived and through which digital platform, but what about those customers that come to your site through more traditional channels, like the phone. It can be difficult to keep track of these leads; fortunately call tracking services were created for this reason. Each campaign or channel is given a unique phone number so that you can keep track of each individual campaigns performance.

Google Analytics is a fantastic resource when it comes to collecting quantitative data it can give you an in-depth look at your performance. It does deserve the reputation that it has built but data isn’t everything. Listen to your customers and use different services to try and gain a comprehensive understanding of your performance. At Bitlab we offer a range of services to track your performance and improve your customer experience. If you want to find out more how we can help you, contact us on 0191 4350 030, use our online contact form or email

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