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To keep up with today’s competitive market, you definitely need a website and maybe even a mobile application (depending on your business). You now have the additional work of finding a web development company that can meet, or exceed, your expectations and deliver high-quality, professional work. There are certain considerations to make when deciding on a company to work with to make sure you choose the most suitable web developer.

Know what you want

 Before speaking with any companies, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want. Web development involves building a platform that represents your business and your brand. You need to be able to capture your audience and entice them into making a purchase or an enquiry. To understand what you need, evaluate the customer journey; your platform should not only help them on their journey but actually make it simpler.

Cheap isn’t always better

 As with most of your suppliers, development companies will wildly vary on price. It can be tempting to choose the company that is offering their service at the lowest price, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will do the best job. Although the price is an important factor in your decision, try to focus more on getting the features that you need. Take the time to get quotations from several suppliers and compare the features offered, when it comes to your website you should never sacrifice quality for the price. Take into account their customer care, support services and their reputation too; you pay for what you get.

Clear communication

When it comes to working with a web development company you need to understand that it is not a ready-made “one size fits all” service. There will be extensive consultation between yourselves and the developer to ensure that the final product meets your expectations. Every stage of the development should be discussed and tested; this allows you to make sure that your idea is becoming a reality and also means that the company isn’t wasting time adding features that you don’t like or need.

It will take time

Masterpieces are not developed overnight, respect that it will take time to develop a website that suits your needs and appeals to your customer. If you think about it, would you really want a website that has been created overnight? Help the process run smoothly by providing all company information, desired structures, logos, company literature and any other necessary information at the beginning of the process. Allow the developer a little bit of freedom to be creative, hurrying them to meet an unrealistic deadline will only cause problems down the line.

It is a partnership

Contrary to what you may think, web developers aren’t psychics (if only!) it is unrealistic to think that just because you’ve paid for something, doesn’t mean that you will get a finished product without any work or input. Developing a website is a partnership, your input is vital to create a successful platform that meets all your requirements. The web developer that you work with should be keen to get your opinion and will be in regularly contact with you to ask for your ideas and thoughts.

Check references

 As with most suppliers that you work with, it is always a good idea to check their references. The best way to find out about a company and the quality of their products/services is to take a look at their reviews and speak with previous clients. Ask for examples of previous work; this will give you an idea of the quality that the company can achieve. Remember, the quality of the developer determines the value of the product you get.

Here at Bitlab, we understand how important it is that your website represents your brand. You need to engage your audience, generate traffic and drive conversions all on a beautifully designed website that is simple to use and easy to navigate. If you want to discuss the development of your website, contact our team on 0191 4350 030, use our online contact form or email


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