Can PPC still be effective with a small budget?

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The simple answer is yes, but it’s all about how you make the most of your campaign. Your business’s success will always come down to how much money is coming in, there are several ways of promoting your company and Pay Per Click (PPC) can be hugely beneficial. Your success with PPC will be affected by your competition and the type of industry you are operating in. Of course, an infinite budget will always be ideal, unfortunately this is just not realistic and most organisations are running with a small budget, so how can you make a small PPC budget work for you?

Hitting the target

PPC comes down to keywords, you want to reach out to people that may be looking for your services. A good PPC campaign begins with intensive keyword research to make sure that you are targeting your audience and being as effective as possible, the mistake that most companies make is not reviewing these keywords regularly.
If you are running on a small budget then regular keyword reviews can give you more “bang for your buck” so consider the following:

  • Has anything changed since your last review?
  • Has anything happened industry wide that you can capitalise on?
  • Did your product offering change?

It is always worth keeping an eye on the competition to see if they are doing anything differently or how they are advertising to customers.

Don’t waste money

The biggest drain on a PPC budget is the keywords that aren’t bringing in any customers, so how can you avoid throwing your money away?

It’s important to spend your budget on keywords that you are completely sure will bring customers to you. Use sure-fire phrases that indicate buying intent for example people that are using terms like “Make-up artists Sunderland” or “Thai restaurant Newcastle”. These people know what they are wanting and are now just looking for the right person/company. These keywords are generally more expensive as they are thought of as more profitable so make sure you can afford them before bidding. You should begin your PPC campaign with “Exact Match” keywords; this means that your ad will only appear when someone exactly matches your keywords, this will avoid wasting money on irrelevant keywords.

Once you are confident with your “Exact Match” advert groups, you can branch out to “Phrase Match” ad groups. This will mean your advert can be seen by people that are searching for close variations of your keywords thus expanding your reach. This brings us to negative search, when you expand your search to “Phrase” or “Broad” match, you run the risk of paying for keywords that aren’t relevant or even for competitor keywords. For example your business may offer “Accounts consultancy” but you may be paying for “Accounting software” similarly you may be selling a “Children’s board game” but you may be paying for “Hasbro children’s board game”.

To avoid wasting money on these irrelevant terms, regularly review your search terms report and wheedle out any keywords that aren’t contributing and add these to your list of negative keywords, this will make your campaign cleaner and more effective.

As with any expense you have to weigh up viability against returns. Most PPC platforms allow you to track conversions, but if you are not an e-commerce business then a conversion may be an email sign-up or completion of a contact form. It is vital that you take the time to set up return on investment so that you can judge if PPC is beneficial for you. Once you have done this, if return on investment is regularly in the minus then you may be better off investing your money somewhere else.

At Bitlab, we understand how important it is to make your budgets get the best result, which is why we offer you a complete solution; from website design to paid advertising we can take care of your budget, no matter how large or small, and make sure your campaign is being as effective as possible. If you want to find out more about how we can help your business, contact our team on 0191 4350 030, use our online contact form or email

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